Construction Systems

The most important and basic part of the greenhouse is the construction system. According to the researches carried out in the world, it is important to grow more productive plants and increase product yield.

As Bhk Greenhouse Systems; Our design and development and manufacturing with our expert engineers, our construction systems, our greenhouse models and the product range of our greenhouse systems. We are realizing your goals for increasing the product efficiency and providing you with the greenhouse model where you can get maximum comfort and efficiency for your purpose.

In order to provide a healthy and comfortable greenhouse environment specific to the climate conditions of your region where we will install your greenhouse and the plant you will grow, static calculations are made and we use it in our greenhouse construction and coating with our hot dip galvanized, corrosion and abrasion resistant profiles with specially developed scissors and groove system which is resistant to snow and wind load. In all of our other structural materials, we manufacture the constructions that have the same characteristics as the greenhouse building material, and calculate the strength and shade amounts of the surface areas of each material in the greenhouse.
We offer R & D support to universities in order to support scientific research and increase our systems in order to increase productivity in plant breeding.

As BHK Greenhouse, we continuously develop our construction systems as a result of close cooperation with universities and our customers in order to manufacture our construction systems above international standards.