After Sale Assistance


Our after sale assistance aims to secure your business plan. We offer focused technical and knowledge assistance to maximize your crops

Unfortunately, when it comes to greenhouse, a closed structure with 4 sides comes to mind. Greenhouse is a structure that must be made according to the plant species. The expectations of the product to be produced should be determined well and the greenhouse should be designed accordingly….

We prodive assistance services in the light of these information.

  • Technical Assistance
  • Agricultural Assistance
  • Maximum Efficiency Works

When it is called greenhouse, it is generally thought to have a closed structure on 4 sides in our country. However, the greenhouse is a structure to be made according to the plant species. We are; We manufacture reliable greenhouses with global production standards.

In our greenhouses where technology is at the forefront, it is ensured that all processes are done by automatic system. And our supports are focused on maximum efficiency and quality.

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