Greenhouse Supplies & Equipment

The necessary materials must be supplied in the building stage. It is important that the materials required for the greenhouse should be robust, light and convenient, suitable for production in a serial manner, allowing heating and cooling without requiring much energy in terms of cost. It is important that the installation can be done easily, it is not affected by the weather conditions very much by the region and the air conditioning in the greenhouse can be adjusted well.

BHK Greenhouse is the manufacturer company. All greenhouse materials are produced in accordance with international standards and with advanced technologies.

As BHK Greenhouse, we are able to manufacture and supply all the materials required for the construction of a professional greenhouse. Our production center in Ankara / Turkey produces high quality greenhouse material and serves it to all world.

Sheet Material


Our company produces different types of greenhouse gutters in line with the demands and project.


We produce high quality and durable greenhouse profiles according to world standards.

Connection Equipments

We are manufacturing greenhouse supplies.

Among the materials used in the installation of greenhouses and greenhouse connection equipment used in the construction of roofs are produced. Especially in terms of carrying the heavy conditions of the winter months; it is important that it is protective against wind, rain and dirt and is strong enough to attract the weight of the masters who mount the roof.

Greenhouse upper connection strips, transmission parts and all attachment equipment must contain material according to the cover covering the greenhouse.

Plastic Material

One of the main characteristics of greenhouses is the use of plastic as cladding material, except for Dustch greenhouses or Venlo greenhouses. In the market there are different plastic materials for greenhouses, and depending on several factors we would choose one or the other. An example of plastic widely used in greenhouses is 3 years thermal plastic, which has the following characteristics:

  • Outer Layer: durable and non-stick, has additives against UV radiation
  • Middle Layer: Thermal, high EVA content, providing thermicity.
  • Inner layer: provides light diffusion and has co-stabilizers resistant to pesticides

Factors to consider to choose a plastic greenhouse:

Thermicity, photosynthetic efficiency, lightness, physical resistance, duration of plastics, anti-drip properties and no dust retention.

Hardware Material

We provide all kinds of hardware supplies and consultancy services in the scope of greenhouse design, installation and technical support services.

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