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Soilless Agriculture
The easy access of nutrients that plants need to grow efficiently increases their productivity.

As BHK Greenhouse, it provided financial support to universities in terms of yield analysis on soilless cultivation and R & D activities on different cultivation methods, and supported research on yield differences of new methods and existing methods in soilless agriculture.

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The types of soilless cultivation are given below.
* Hydroponic Still Water Culture
* Hydroponic Flowing Water Culture
* Aeroponic System
* Solid Media Culture

The soilless cultivation method mentioned below will be used in your greenhouse.

Hydroponic Still Water Culture
It is a system based on the placement of plants in ponds at a certain depth to ensure that the nutrient solutions take only from the roots and that these nutrient solutions are changed at certain intervals.

Hydroponic Flowing Water Culture
It is the cultivation of plants in the channels where the nutrient solutions are continuously or intermittently flowing through the closed system to the plant roots. Feeder film technique (NFT) and deep water culture is applied in two ways.

Aeroponic System
It is the method applied by spraying the necessary nutrients to the plant roots either continuously or intermittently in the form of mist or steam. It provides water and fertilizer saving compared to other systems. Compared to other systems, the number of plants grown per unit area is twice as high.

Solid Medium Culture
In solid media culture, organic and inorganic materials can be used separately or together in different proportions in order to create the most suitable growing environment. Media cultures are divided into two as open and closed systems according to the application of nutrient solution.

Open System: The drained solution is discarded from the plant root zone.

Closed System: The drained solution from the plant root area is collected and recirculated in the system. Closed systems are more efficient in terms of environmental protection as well as saving water and fertilizer compared to open systems.

Solid Media Culture Materials
The following materials will be used in your greenhouse where you will do soilless agriculture.

Plant Hanging Wires
Ropes are connected to the columns along the front and rear facades of the greenhouse. In the inner columns, connections are made across the width of your greenhouse.

* All Ropes: Galvanized
* Front and Rear Ropes: 8 mm
* Inner Column Ropes: 4 mm
* Number of Tunnel Ropes: 12 Row
* Tunnel Ropes: 3 mm

Gutter is the product where solid media culture will be placed.
* Made of special painted, falvanized sheet.
* Height: 108 mm
* Width: 200 mm
* Sheet Opening: 600 mm
* Color: Top White, Bottom Galvanized Gray
* Paint Thickness: 7 microns (4, -3%)

Gutter Equipment
Equipment to be used with Gutter
* Pipe Hook
* Steel rope
* Hanger Hook
* Clamping Hooks
* Stretching Apparatus
* Holder Brackets
* Trip Wire
* Blind Caps
* Plant Layer Wires
* Clamping Wires
* Drainage Covers

Cocopeat (Growbag)
Cocopeat slaps, which consist of ecological and organic coconut shells, are used for your growing environment.
* Certificate: OMRI, IECA
* Ecological growth environment
* High water retention
* Serious yield in rapid development of plant
* Provides EC PH controls
* Provides intensive rooting
* Fiber Content% 20
* Homogeneous Mixture

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