Greenhouse automation installation services with automatic greenhouse efficiency studies and system installations are realized. Our automations can be installed for both hydroponic greenhouses and grounded normal greenhouses. In our modern automation services;
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Lighting
  • Grounding & Fertizilation
  • Irrigation
  • Delivery of Mineral Nutrients to Roots,

We can group processes such as open field production, greenhouse production, vegetable production, flower production and even mushroom production in closed areas as follows:

  • Greenhouse climate control systems.
  • Irrigation fertilization systems.
  • Energy management systems.
  • Seed drills, irrigation apparatus, spraying apparatus.
  • Classification and classification systems; packaging systems.

– In facilities where water infrastructure is weak, attention should be given to healthy and adequate storage and treatment.

– Even if the electrical installation is done correctly, all of the low current computer control systems should be supplied with clean energy and continuous energy, regardless of the quality of the electrical energy in our country.

– Extensive grounding must be applied in wide-spread installations, especially if the ground water retention property is poor. Although it may seem expensive from the beginning, the damages that these systems will prevent are large.

- Turnkey Greenhouse Services