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Modern Greenhouses Installation

Greenhouse cultivation is starting to have a very high usage rate in the agricultural world. With the replacement of traditional greenhouses with modern greenhouses, productivity in greenhouse agriculture has started to increase. Greenhouses are mainly agricultural areas created to provide the growing conditions of plants when the climate is not suitable. Today, modern greenhouses provide many things automatically in accordance with the plant grown by the producer. The reasons why [...]

Aromatic Plant Greenhouse (Medical Greenhouse)

Aromatic plants in the greenhouse installations in Turkey (Kütahya Province), we started our project continues at full speed. This concept greenhouse, where aromatic plants will be grown, is installed in an area of 40,000 square meters. The structure of the greenhouse is described as "medical greenhouse". It will be instrumental in many useful steps in the medical field and the growth of many necessary plants with maximum efficiency. Here some [...]

10-hectare Modern Soilless Greenhouse Project in Azerbaijan

Our 10-hectare modern soilless agricultural greenhouse project in Azerbaijan continues at full speed. Our technical staff and engineers set up projects in Azerbaijan with the greenhouse materials produced in our center in Ankara. BHK Greenhouse continues its activities at full speed. Video of the project:

Kütahya, Nevşehir and Azerbaijan Greenhouse Materials Shipments

BHK Greenhouse; exports greenhouse materials produced in its own center for soilless agriculture systems and modern greenhouse installation to the whole world. Our shipments of greenhouse materials for Kütahya, Nevşehir and Azerbaijan continue at full speed. The materials and products we produce are top quality products with guaranteed and universal standards.

Greenhouse Project Preparation

After deciding on greenhouse agriculture, the first step to be taken is in the preparation of the greenhouse project. In order to prepare a correct greenhouse project, it is important to get the consultancy of an expert in this field. It is a proven fact that the greenhouse project prepared by an expert is much more efficient. But how is the greenhouse project prepared? If you wish, let's list [...]

Greenhouse Circulation Fans

In the evening hours or in rainy and cloudy weather and especially in cold seasons, since the humidity in the outside environment is high, if it affects the inside of the greenhouse, the yield in the greenhouse decreases and the plants begin to develop disease. Greenhouse fans are critical for air circulation and creating an ideal climate environment in greenhouses. A properly placed circulation fan balances the air of the [...]

High Quality Greenhouse Material Production

BHK Greenhouse offers professional services in greenhouse systems, projects and material manufacturing with its experience of more than 25 years. It takes leading steps in the agricultural sector with its increasing number of references and projects. Our company also exports greenhouses to many countries. Apart from projecting and installation services, we also produce materials for all greenhouse types. The materials we manufacture are high quality materials in accordance with [...]

Canada Hydroponic Strawberry Greenhouse Project

After the first big meeting on the Canadian soilless strawberry greenhouse project, details and stages were determined. The first steps are being taken for the modern soilless greenhouse project to be established in Canada. The greenhouse of the project; It is a soilless strawberry greenhouse with automation and climate systems. As in Canada, BHKSera exports greenhouse projects, manufacturing and material export all over the world.

Greenhouse Materials Exports for 10 Hectares of Azerbaijan

Our greenhouse materials shipment for 10 hectares of greenhouse construction project started in Azerbaijan. Our company exports greenhouse material for soilless agriculture technologies and professional greenhouse systems to every region of the world. Please call our customer service to get information about the high quality, high strength and world class greenhouse materials we manufacture: +90 850 304 0 245.

Greenhouse Polycarbonate Coating

Greenhouses are isolated from the external environment, the desired temperature, humidity, and similar climatic conditions are provided with artificial facilities and nylon glass, greenhouse polycarbonate coating, etc., without growing depending on the seasons, growing vegetables, fruit and seedlings. They are closed areas created with transparent coating. With the development of technology and agricultural techniques, the variety in greenhouse and greenhouse manufacturing has increased. This sector, which is also called [...]