Special Design R&D Greenhouse Established

BHK Greenhouse; installed an R&D greenhouse for Coruh University in Artvin. Within the scope of research and development studies, it has been specially made on agricultural technologies and breeding techniques. Main Features of the Greenhouse: Suitable for soilless and soil farmingWith an area of 440 square metersCustom designR&D Greenhouse2 Storey GreenhouseA Type RoofPolycarbonate coatingVentilation systemsAir conditioning systems

BHK Greenhouse at YUGAGRO

BHK Greenhouse attend to 29th International Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery, Equipment and Materials for Crop Production in 22-25 November 2022. We were at Pavilion:2 and Stand B539. At the fair, we provided interviews on the agriculture and greenhouse sector. We both introduced our own technology, products and structures, and exchanged ideas and information with other companies.

Greenhouse Builders

BHK Greenhouse with its technical staff, engineer staff and field team; It is the leader in the category of companies that make greenhouses. Our company, which provides soil and soilless greenhouse installations and projecting services with tens of institutional references and hundreds of applications, operates in 15 different countries. We provide services in many fields such as consultancy, engineering, automation, irrigation - heating - ventilation systems, soilless agriculture and [...]

25 Decare Solar Greenhouse Project (Solar Greenhouse)

BHK Sera realized the solar-powered greenhouse project established on an area of 25 decares. Established in Nevşehir, Turkey, the greenhouse is a maximum efficiency-oriented structure with the latest technology and advanced equipment and automation systems. It obtains the energy it needs with solar energy (solar) systems. In this way, operating expenses and expenses are also minimized.

Greenhouse Manufacturing in More Than 20 Different Countries

BHK Greenhouse; continues its professional greenhouse systems and turnkey greenhouse installation services in more than 20 different countries. Our company, which has a wide range of services in the field of greenhouse exports, carries out project design, material production and supply. BHK Greenhouse; the scope of international greenhouse activities “Turkey, Canada, Algeria, Azerbaijan, United States of America, Nigeria, Benin, Ghana, Georgia, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Bulgaria” and [...]

Modern Greenhouse Installation Project in Qatar

BHK Greenhouse; It carries out a modern greenhouse installation project within the scope of professional greenhouse systems and turnkey greenhouse services in Doha, Qatar. The building, which is being established on a very large area, will be a state-of-the-art structure equipped with modern automations and advanced greenhouse systems. Our company; With greenhouse exports, it carries out projecting, material manufacturing & supply and advanced greenhouse installation services in more than [...]

Qatar Greenhouse Materials Shipment

Our company, which exports greenhouse materials and construction of greenhouse projects to many companies from all over the world, continues its services. We started the shipment of materials for the greenhouse project to be built in Qatar. BHK Greenhouse targets international quality standards and high efficiency in the materials it produces and manufactures in this direction.

30.000 Square Meters Tomato Greenhouse Project

As BHK Greenhouse; we started the production and supply of greenhouse materials for the 30,000 square meter tomato greenhouse to be built in Nigeria. A large greenhouse with international standards and high quality greenhouse materials and yield systems will be built. The building designed with a complete polycarbonate outer covering will be a gothic model. In this way, crop yield will be maximized.