Manufacturing and Design

We offer turnkey greenhouse systems and contracting services with Greenhouse manufacturing and design.

When it is called greenhouse, it is generally thought to have a closed structure on 4 sides in our country. On the contrary, greenhouse is a structure that needs to be made according to the product to be fed. We produce reliable greenhouses with production methods in accordance with Global Standards. In our greenhouses where technology is at the forefront, it is ensured that all processes are done by automatic system.

Some of them are;

Image from Our Greenhouse Project At Istanbul
  • According to weather conditions; automatic closing of the heat curtain in sunny weather, automatic closing of the ventilation in extreme windy weather,
  • Automatic spraying, fogging or humidification according to the settings of humidification and fogging,
  • Automatic adjustment of ambient temperature and coldness; With our integrated greenhouse productions such as technology, we transfer the whole workload from the human to the fully automated system.

We design our modern greenhouse systems according to today’s demands and needs. Our greenhouses are made of glass, polycarbonate and polyethylene.

Our steel constructions are made of hot-dip galvanized and weld-free so as to be resistant to rust for long years. We produce the roof cover in a variety of weather conditions, heavy snow loads and 120-130 km / h wind speeds.

Ventilation windows are designed as single and double (butterfly). In addition, ventilation windows can be made from the sides depending on customer demand. Our greenhouses include grounded and ungrounded production projects, irrigation automation and maintenance and repair of climate control systems.

Curtain mechanisms applied by our company, greenhouses, hot summer days in the temperature of the greenhouse above the normal and cold in the winter to prevent falling below the normal.

With climate control systems, your products provide manual, digital or automatic control of heat and humidity in order to ensure efficient growth of your products. It is very important to reduce the temperature in the greenhouse in hot weather conditions. This process reduces the temperature in the greenhouse by means of heat control sensors, circulation fans, top and side vents, Fan Cooling Pads, and keeps the temperature and humidity at normal levels. Depending on the project, Pressurized Fogging System can also be installed.

We offer new and quality service to customers with 3d project work under construction.

BHK Greenhouse manufactures all greenhouse equipment production and all of the fittings by own facilities. You can call or message to our 24/7 customer service for all the information and documents you need about the greenhouse.