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BHK Hobby Greenhouses – Mini Hobby Greenhouse Installation

BHK Greenhouse also manufactures easy-to-install hobby greenhouses with advanced agricultural technologies and fertility systems within the scope of professional greenhouse applications and turnkey greenhouse projects services. Our structures, which are constructed using galvanized steel pipes, have an outer coating made of transparent polymer or transparent PVC-based mica material. We offer 2 different models: Acacia (AKASYA) and Begonia (BEGONYA). Details of these models: Some pictures of our hobby greenhouse installations:

BHK Greenhouse at Antalya Growtech Greenhouse Fair 2023

BHK Greenhouse is pleased to welcome you, our valued visitors, at stand 5-B-151 at the Antalya Growtech Greenhouse Fair. We welcome you to our stand at the greenhouse fair, which will be held between 22-25 November 2023, to inform you about the solutions we will produce for your sector-related consultations and demands.

Oman R&D Greenhouse – Polycarbonate Solar Greenhouse

BHK Greenhouse installed an R&D greenhouse on an area of 1 decare in Oman. General Features of the Greenhouse: Polycarbonate greenhouseSoilless Citrus FruitsSoilless Tropical TreeSoilless Berries GroupAdvanced Air Conditioning SystemsVentilation SystemsWith Solar PanelSuitable for Research and Development Studies

Polyethylene Soilless Rose Greenhouse – Georgia

Our company installed a polyethylene soilless rose greenhouse on an area of 20 decares in Georgia. The building, which is installed on a turnkey basis, includes modern greenhouse systems, air conditioning systems, ventilation and automation. BHK Greenhouse manufactures modern and professional greenhouses in every corner of the world.

Polycarbonate Special Plant Greenhouse Project

BHK Greenhouse; He completed his special plant greenhouse project in Turkey. This structure, which is completely polycarbonate, is also an R&D greenhouse. Complete turnkey construction has been done by our company. There is a tripod system, evoprotif cooling system and advanced automations in the greenhouse. Features of the Greenhouse: Complete PolycarbonateR&D GreenhouseSpecial Plant GreenhouseEvoprotif Cooling SystemsAdvanced Automations1110 square metersAir Conditioning SystemsVentilation Systems