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Greenhouse Materials Exports for 10 Hectares of Azerbaijan

Our greenhouse materials shipment for 10 hectares of greenhouse construction project started in Azerbaijan. Our company exports greenhouse material for soilless agriculture technologies and professional greenhouse systems to every region of the world. Please call our customer service to get information about the high quality, high strength and world class greenhouse materials we manufacture: +90 850 304 0 245.

Greenhouse Polycarbonate Coating

Greenhouses are isolated from the external environment, the desired temperature, humidity, and similar climatic conditions are provided with artificial facilities and nylon glass, greenhouse polycarbonate coating, etc., without growing depending on the seasons, growing vegetables, fruit and seedlings. They are closed areas created with transparent coating. With the development of technology and agricultural techniques, the variety in greenhouse and greenhouse manufacturing has increased. This sector, which is also called [...]

Greenhouse Steel Constructions and Materials

As Bhk Greenhouse, we manufacture our construction systems in international standards. As a result of our long-term R & D studies and close argonomic cooperation with our customers, we carry out manufacturing in accordance with international norms and local climatic conditions based on robustness and durability in our own factory. Our company manufactures greenhouse steel constructions and materials in its own factory and can supply them all over the world. In [...]

Can Soilless Agricultural System be Applied in Greenhouses?

Due to the planting of the same products in greenhouses, laziness may occur after a while. Therefore, the yield is reduced. In the question of how to establish a soilless agriculture system, it is also wondered whether it can be established in greenhouses. Soilless agricultural systems can be installed in greenhouses. At the first stage of the establishment of this system in the greenhouse, the greenhouse is examined and [...]

Costs of Soilless Agriculture

With the development of technology, it can be seen that different forms of systems are emerging in every field. At this point, there have been great developments in the field of agriculture. Soilless agriculture is one of the biggest developments. When the soilless agricultural finances are examined, it is seen that the profit obtained by doing soilless agriculture is high. In particular, the fact that this system can be cultivated [...]

Greenhouse Manufacturer – Creating the Construction

Greenhouse is generally thought to be a closed structure on 4 sides. However, greenhouse is a structure to be made according to the product to be fed. Greenhouse systems are manufactured by greenhouse manufacturers to ensure that all processes are carried out with automatic systems by following the international standards of technology. Creating a Greenhouse in detail Greenhouse manufacturers have designed various greenhouses for different weather conditions, for windy regions or [...]

Agriculture in Water

Agriculture in water is a method of growing plants in a solution rich in nutrients in water. The plant does not use soil, but instead the root system meets nutrient needs from dissolved minerals mixed with water and water. In the aquatic farming system, plants can take the oxygen needed to grow from the water with their roots. Agricultural Advantages in Water The growth of plants grown by water in agriculture [...]

Strawberry and Tomato Greenhouse

Tomatoes and cultivated strawberries are very common horticultural plants, but they can cause problems when sown very close together. The good news is that with careful planning and management before and during the growing season, both plants can be in the same garden. Tomatoes and berries from many different plant families. Between strawberry and tomato greenhouses there are substantially different growth habits and almost diametrically opposed environmental requirements. For example, [...]

Venlo (Glass) Greenhouse

Greenhouses can be set up in different types depending on demands, region, climate and plant species to be grown. Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, venlo greenhouses bring many advantages. Advantages of Venlo Greenhouse: Construction life is approximately 50 years. It is long lasting, durable and efficient. Minimally affected by bad climatic conditions.The higher light transmittance, more delicious, beautiful looking and long shelf life of the crops.Due to [...]

Soilless Greenhouse

Soilless agricultural greenhouses have emerged with developing agricultural technologies and increasing demands. Abroad, especially in countries such as the Netherlands and Belgium hydroponic agriculture is highly preferred (%95). Demand is increasing in our country too. Soilless agriculture; is a method of growing plants without soil or using soil. Plants are grown by transmitting the necessary minerals and nutrients in special alloys or water. Hydroponic greenhouse also provides advantages in terms of [...]